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Bring Line Live


Set the start-up strategy by defining how every resource will come live. Communicate goals and plans to all staff members. Go “Line Live” and start the Continuous Process Improvement process to cement the Kaizen culture. Measure results and celebrate!

Determine Start-up Strategy

Decide if you will launch with a “Dry” or “Wet” Line. All at once, or process-by-process? If by process, then start at line end and work upstream. Weekend or shutdown? Need to build inventory? These are just a few sample questions the MMLD team needs to agree upon prior to line live date.

Set & Communicate Metrics

Establish and communicate daily unit volumes and Takt times. Install white boards to display rampup schedules, milestones, and actual results. Delay any automation on metrics until the line is running at the designed parameters.

Confirm Material Replenishment Strategy

Verify that all parts and materials are in correct locations and that their replenishment procedures are clear to all staff. Check material presentation at all workstations throughout the Mixed Model Line. Walk and audit the Kanban chains.

Communicate and Build Buy-in

Communicate plans thoroughly, emphasizing the value of the new Mixed Model Line. Anticipate and address operators’ concerns.

Prepare the Target Area

Clean and paint workspace for a fresh look. Install visual factory aids. Set the tone: “It’s a New Day.”

Line Live Day

Begin single-piece flow. Start modestly and build up to design tempo. Management presence and coaching are crucial to success and buy-in.

Begin Process Improvement

Appoint quick-response team to identify, document and correct any line issues that appear. Begin Continuous Process Improvement function. Plan on addressing continuous improvement ideas within a day for the first two weeks to build trust and achieve design volumes.

Celebrate Line Live

Identify a short-term milestone (week or month) to celebrate. Emphasize culture change, CPI, and organization buy-in.