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Create Deployment Project Plan


Develop a detailed project plan that includes all the physical aspects of the line as well as a communications plan and training needs. Ensure that all the functions associated with the value stream are considered and included in the plan Use a project management software.

Review Line and Physical Layout

Gather layout plan documents, resource calculations, and lists of production equipment, fixtures, and other assets required by Line Design. Ensure that you have a complete set of information to develop a project plan.

Plan Equipment Procurement

Create a list of capital items and budget for all new equipment. Set specifications, capacity, footprint, investment, etc. Obtain Management approval and issue POs and contracts to meet time lines.

Plan Facilities Improvements

Plan physical improvements to the target area. With Maintenance and Engineering, determine all work required on the facility: utilities, remodeling, moving racks, HVAC, etc.. Decide on in-house resources or contractors.

Set Deployment Sequencing

List all activities and identify initial precedence. Working with the full team, determine long lead-time tasks, the critical path, and preferred sequence for moves and installation of equipment.

Build Project Plan

Build a project plan. With all the activities, action items, and sequences set, build a project management spreadsheet, GANTT chart, or preferably a project plan using a project management software like MS Project.

Assign Dates & Responsibilities

Assign activities to individuals. With the project plan developed, determine the required milestones and dates. Maintain the project plan as team members get assignments.

Approve Capital & Expense Budgets

Seek final approval for all Capital Expense outlays not already approved. Obtain Management sign-off and issue POs and contracts.