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Develop Detailed CAD Layout


Fit the Conceptual Design to a dimensionally correct layout. Detail the workstations, materials, work flow, IPKs, utilities, delivery routes, and any detail required to deploy the new design. Prepare CAD blue-prints for approval and presentation to the value stream staff members.

Review Conceptual Layout

Gather Conceptual Layout and Simulation Report, lists of processes and resources, PFDs, and resource calculations.

Prepare CAD Floorplan

Develop the baseline CAD layout of the target area. Establish an accurate image of the facility including floor plan, columns, fixed equipment, utilities, piping, shipping and receiving docks, and people doors.

Setup CAD System and Projector

Appoint a skilled CAD operator to work interactively with the MMLD team. Set up in a room with CAD system, floor plan, projector, screen and ample workspace. Make sure that all the data used to develop the conceptual design is still on the walls.

Lay Out Processes on Floor Plan

Prepare a first-cut layout of all the processes. Replicate the conceptual line design as closely as possible. Resolve all compromises in real time.

Detail the Physical Layout Plan

Add details to the layout. With processes located, add detail for aisles, storage, crane reach and load, electrical, ceiling clearances. Call in Engineering and Maintenance for review. Document thoroughly on CAD.

Perform Onsite Reality Check

Walk the target area to perform a reality check. With detailed Layout Plan, walk the facility, verifying locations, equipment sizes, utilities, clearances, and other issues. Include Engineering, Maintenance, and all other relevant stakeholders.

Prepare Layout Documents

Document all layout decisions and prepare the final Layout Plan: CAD print-outs in large scale, or blueprints. Copy, post and distribute as required.