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Gather Mixed Model Line Design Data


Identify, gather, and document the required data to develop a mathematically-based Mixed Model Line Design. The data will include, Products, Volumes, Processes, Equipment, and Work Content for people and Equipment.

Confirm Targets

Revisit Value Stream Map(s) developed for the Master Plan and confirm the chosen target areas. Obtain team consensus and management sign-off.

List All Products and Options

Create a comprehensive list of all products, models and options manufactured in the target area(s). Make sure that all products that receive work content in any of the line’s processes are included in the list. Consider not only end items, but also spares, inter-factory products, and prototypes.

Establish Volumes and Mix

Review sales history data, and chart forecasts looking for trends and seasonality. Define mix and volume for Line Design. Management signs off on all forecasts and design volumes.

Document Processes

Create a comprehensive list of all processes in target areas. Make sure that the entire MMLD team has a clear definition of what a process is and is not. Document options, scrap and rework per process. These processes should correlate with, but not necessarily match, the Current State Value Stream Map.

List Production Resources

Create a detailed list of all production machinery, equipment, other fixed assets, and people in the target areas. If there are specialty labor categories in the target processes, document them too.

Create Process Flow Diagrams

Draw the relationship of processes to build a single unit of product in an individual chart. This is the definition of a Process Flow Diagram and one must be drawn for each product on the product list created earlier. It is very likely that a single PFD will reflect the process relationships for more than one product.

Create Process Flow Matrix

Organize products and processes into a matrix format to document the product/process relationships. This Process/Product matrix is the Process Flow Matrix.