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Create Strategy & Master Plan


Assess and document the current state of the company’s Material Management strategy, current capabilities, and metrics. This may include a Value Stream Analysis of the current material delivery processes.

Develop Current State VSM

Create a current state value stream map of the Material Management system. A view of the Current State of the Material Management System will provide a baseline for improvement. There is no need to develop the Future State yet.

Start Continuous Improvement Database

Document and organize the opportunities for improvement identified during the VSM. The suggestions for improvement identified during the VSM activity must be documented, organized, prioritized, and made available to the Teams.

Gather KPI And Establish North Star Goals

Identify and document the existing KPI. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) include: 7S(5S + 2) and Supplier Scores, Inventory Record Accuracy & Turns, Material Handling Expense. Assess needs for additional KPI.

Create Material Management Dashboard

Begin the development of a Material Management Dashboard. The Dashboard is a graphical and easy to understand reporting tool of Key Metrics. It will be kept current by the MMM Manager and referred to in daily management reviews.

Form MMM Design Team

Form a cross-functional MMMM design team. The Team will work in close collaboration with the MMLD Team to develop a complete design from the Process and Material perspective.

Insert MMMM Manager in Org Structure

Select and install a MMM Manager. The MMM Manager is the owner of the Kanban system, and the leader of the implementation efforts described in this document. This is a full-time job.

Conduct MMMM Team Training

Conduct a MMMM training session to educate the design team in the design methodology. The MMMM team needs to speak with one voice and their knowledge base must be unified and consistent. This is typically a three-day hands-on workshop.

Create MMMM Master Plan

Create an implementation plan that answers the who, what, when, where, how questions. Also include a detailed project plan and an estimate of the expected benefits and how to track them. The Master Plan should mirror this roadmap to a large extent.

Assign Master Plan Activities

Identify all the staff members that will have a part in deploying the MMMM Master Plan and invite them to a working session to discuss and assign the action items. Add their names to the project plan and make them aware of their due dates.

Publish Master Plan

Publish the Master Plan document. The Master Plan is not a secret document. All team members must see it so they can drive towards achieving the goals documented in it.