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Task 4.1: Adjustments for Known Rework

Due to REWORK, recalculate THROUGHPUT for WIRING and E-TEST processes using the data in the table shown below. Assume that a defective wiring harness can be reworked in a single pass.  Note that the three saw models do not require any rework for these two processes.  Enter your results for Adjusted VOL in the column provided.  Finally, calculate Total Adjusted Daily VOL for WIRING and E-TEST in the bottom row to one decimal place.  Note that the Adjusted Daily VOL (Throughput) must be higher to account for the necessary rework.

Product Part #Product DescriptionDaily VOLWiring E-Test Rework %Adjusted Daily VOL
SD04Belt Sander3.212% 
CS87Circular Saw64.0N/A 
OS31Orbital Sander76.01% 
OS01Orbital Sander8.01% 
CH96Chain Saw54.0N/A 
CH09Chain Saw46.0N/A 
 TOTAL VOL292.2  

With these Adjusted Throughput results, return to your Resource Calculation spreadsheet, in the “Throughput by Process” row, and in the Wiring and E-Test columns only, replace the “Sum-If” formula with the Total Adjusted VOL from table above.