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Task 6.1: Review pTool’s Standard Times data and Enter into Resource Calculation Spreadsheet

Task 1:  Review pTool’s Standard Times data and enter into Resource Calculation spreadsheet.  This data is on page 2 of this exercise; all information is in minutes.  The times represent the total time for each product in that process, and usually involve many individual work steps.  As you can see, the Standard Times within a process can vary widely according to the product or model.

You will also see that five processes – Mold, Grind, E-Test, Final Test, and Pack – involve both labor and machine work.  Since a successful Line Design will require both enough labor available and adequate machine capacity, we must incorporate Standard Times for both labor and machines.  So, open your Resource Calculation spreadsheet, and do the following:

  • For each of the five process columns listed above, insert a column to the RIGHT.
  • Above the row of the first product (DR12 Drill), insert a row.
  • In the added row, type “Labor” and “Mach” sub-headings for the five two-column processes.
  • In the top row, do “Merge/Center” for the column heads.
  • Transfer Standard Times data into your spreadsheet, and review for accuracy.